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A Collaborative Approach To Conflict Resolution

In New Jersey, mediation is a required first step for family law conflicts. Initially, your case will go to a volunteer early settlement panel. If that panel cannot resolve the problem, then the case goes to independent mediation.

Attorney Jean R. Campbell has completed a rigorous training in divorce mediation and is a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney, certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. She can recognize quickly which cases are likely to be able to be worked out in mediation and which cases may require another approach. Her education and experience as a lawyer can give you a strong chance for a hopeful outcome.

How Mediation Works

When your case goes into mediation, Kiernan & Campbell will ensure that both parties are committed to the process and feel heard. It's important to understand the roots of the conflict and determine any barriers to resolution without causing additional duress.

As you move through the process, it's also important to practice active listening and to focus on resolving the problem together. This approach is particularly critical for couples undergoing child custody mediation. Whether you need a divorce mediator or help resolving another issue, Ms. Campbell will work to make sure that both parties feel comfortable and respected during the process.

Find Out If Mediation Is An Option For You

Mediation doesn't work in every case. But when both parties are willing to listen and cooperate, it can provide a more affordable and empowering way to resolve conflicts than having to take your case to court. To learn more about mediation and how Ms. Campbell may be able to help, call her West Caldwell, New Jersey, office today at 973-259-6602.

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