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Representing Both Business Owners And Spouses

It takes great effort, skill and determination to build a successful business or professional practice. You don't want to see that hard work go to waste if the business collapses as a side effect of divorce. If you and your spouse are co-owners or otherwise contribute to the enterprise, dividing the value of the business while keeping it running can be a significant challenge.

Even if your business isn't worth much today, it may be worth something in the future. This means you need to act now to guard its potential for growth and profitability.

The West Caldwell law firm of Kiernan & Campbell understands these challenges and your concerns. With more than 25 years of legal experience, attorney Jean R. Campbell is well-equipped to protect your rights and financial interests. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a flourishing company or a homemaker who has sacrificed to make your spouse's career possible, she is here for you.

Ms. Campbell can assist you with the following matters in New Jersey, among others:

  • Characterizing businesses or professional practices as marital property or separate property
  • Valuing small businesses, including tangible and intangible business assets
  • Dividing pensions and stock options
  • Taking into account any premarital agreements, partnership agreements or operating agreements
  • Crafting out-of-the-box settlement agreements

Don't Waste Your Assets On Unnecessary Litigation

In high net worth divorce, mediation is often the best way to preserve assets and minimize contention. Lawyer Jean R. Campbell is adept at using this cost-sensitive method of dispute resolution to reach property division agreements that are mutually acceptable. If you require vigorous courtroom advocacy, however, she has the trial experience you seek.

Schedule a personal consultation today by calling the Essex County office at 973-259-6602. You can also contact her by email.

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