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Resolving Alimony Concerns In New Jersey

In 2014, New Jersey's alimony laws underwent signification revision. While the basic right of alimony remains strong and enforceable, the concept of permanent alimony was abolished and modifications were made easier to obtain for unemployed individuals. However, this alimony reform did not erase the inherent tension between potential payers and payees. The subject can still be a very strong source of contention.

The law firm of Kiernan & Campbell in West Caldwell works hard to create viable options for clients in a spectrum of situations, from homemakers to highly successful business professionals.

Protecting The Rights Of Stay-At Home Parents

If you gave up a career to stay home with your children, you may be worried about how to make ends meet after your divorce. Transitioning back into the workforce may be difficult without an up-to-date résumé or a college degree, for example. In this case, receiving spousal support payments may be critical.

Let attorney Jean R. Campbell discuss your particular situation with you. If you are eligible for alimony, you can count on her to vigorously pursue the full amount you need to make ends meet.

Defending Your Hard-Earned Assets And Income

If you are the primary wage earner, you deserve to benefit from your work. Naturally, you want to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible. Having to pay alimony for an extended time may threaten not only your current standard of living, but also your plans for retirement.

Attorney Jean R. Campbell has the decades of experience and legal acumen necessary to fully defend your interests. Whether through family law mediation or litigation, she will be your strong advocate.

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